Sunday, September 29, 2013

Jimmy is a Dinosaur!!!

So stinkin' cute!!  We had to break out the fall clothes and he sure looks good!
Jimmy got his new high chair this week and he's pretty stoked about it!
Great-Grandma gave us a puzzle and even though Jimmy couldn't help, he was still happy that we finished it!
We took some photo booth pictures at the Carnival.  Fun stuff!
This is possibly my new favorite picture of Jimmy!  Thanks for the care package, Al and Stacy, we LOVED it!!

Big news of the week is that Jimmy has his first tooth!  I know it's not probably not that exciting to you guys but we are pretty stoked about it.  He has also said his first word, "DaDa!"  I'm not sure if he knows what he is saying but it sure is cute!  He is also starting to scoot and army crawl.  He definitely knows how to get around.  We also can get him to laugh a little easier and he enjoys interacting with other kids.  We have been going to play groups and walks and he definitely enjoys getting outside. Travis has been busy with school and work.  

Friday was my most exciting day.  Travis had studying, so I went to the temple and then took Jimmy to the library.  We had Baby Books, which consisted of stories and songs, and then Cuentos, the Spanish equivalent.  I also went to a fancy NAC lunch for the spouses of the Marriott School students.  I got to talk to the spouses of some very successful people and listened to Sis. Parkins, the former RS President.  I enjoyed the fancy lunch and the networking. Then we finished up the day with a BYU football game at the Howell Home in Orem.  On Saturday, Travis had a lot of studying to do so Jimmy helped me with some errands including a bank trip, shopping, and a moving sale where we found an end table for our family room!  I also watched RS Broadcast while Travis got to babysit.  Saturday night was date night and we enjoyed it with Kneader's desserts and Iron Man 3.  I was so excited to finally see it and it was definitely a fun date night.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tall, Skinny Kid

Woohoo for Dad!  He passed the first part of the CPA exam!  
Jimmy has become very efficient at sitting up on his own, and he also loves his Sesame Street toy.
Jimmy is also learning how to crawl.  He is getting really close, and it's starting to scare Mom.

It has been a busy and exciting week!  On Monday, we got a couch and went to Jimmy's pediatrician appointment.  I'm happy to report that Jimmy is a tall, skinny kid.  He is in the 80 percentile for his height and 15 percentile for his weight.  Atta' boy!  We stayed pretty busy on Tuesday by going to Salt Lake for another appointment for Jimmy and then making our big Walmart run for some finishing touches on the apartment.  We now have everything we need for our new apartment.  We also fed Jimmy his first solids this week and he took it like a champ.  I think he enjoys spitting it out more than eating it, but he's working on it.  Other big news is that Travis got his CPA exam results and passed!  Woohoo!  One down and three to go!  Wednesday evening was BYU's new graduate BBQ.  We got Burger Supreme and ran into some friends like Chase Thomas.  We enjoyed the free food and catching up with old friends.  We also got dinner on Friday night at the Marriott school where they served J-dawgs.  Then again, we got free lunch at the Wymount Opening Social.  I love free food and not having to cook!  We also ran into some friends at the Marriott BBQ and I got to catch up with an old MTC roommate. Jimmy got pretty tired/fussy and fell asleep, so we finished up our date night with cookies and the new Star Trek movie that just came out on Redbox.  Nerdy, yet fun!  The Wymount Opening Social was by far the most fun.  Jimmy got to ride on a train and got a little prize.  They also had a photo booth, hot dogs, cotton candy, snow cones, music, games, and more.  The best part was that we won the door prize at the end.  Woohoo!  That evening, we got invited to a dinner by a young couple in the ward.  We ate some delicious Indian food and played Settlers.  It has been a great week and life is good!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

King James

Out of all his toys, Jimmy prefers his pink bumbo seat and spatula.
He reminds us of a king with his pink throne and his spatula scepter!

First Solid Foods!

Jimmy was a little skeptical of his first solids but he took it like a champ!
I think he preferred playing with the spoon more than eating the cereal.  Funny boy!
I'm pretty sure there was more food outside of his mouth than in, but it was a good first try.
Such a cutie!  

Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Apartment in Wymount!

Jimmy is in his third apartment and he's only 5 1/2 months old!  Crazy!
The good news is that he finally has his own room!  Woohoo!
Here's the kitchen and notice my brand new Kitchenaid!
Our family room is kind of lonely without a couch.  We are working on it...

Isn't Jimmy so cute?!
It has been a great and exhausting week!  We enjoyed our Labor Day by canning in Roy, visiting some friends in Kaysville, going to Coldstone with the Howell family, and then hanging out with some Mesa friends.  It was busy but very fun!  Then school started for Travis on Tuesday.  He likes all of his classes and still has to drop one, but can't decide which one yet.  We moved into our new apartment on Friday and that pretty much took up the whole weekend.  Travis's mom watched Jimmy while Travis and I carried all our stuff up a flight of stairs.  It was hard work but we are now officially unpacked, finishing up the last box today.  

Our Saturday was busy with homework, unpacking, grocery shopping, and the Provo thunderstorm.  As BYU describes it, "First a rainstorm that would have impressed Noah hit LaVell Edwards Stadium.  Then, Cougar football thundered up and down the field and amassed 550 rushing yards, beating Texas 40-21."  But seriously, it has been crazy around here.  We got caught in the rainstorm while we were grocery shopping and we couldn't leave.  The storm knocked over trees and turned stoplights and flooded parking lots and more.  But we were excited that they still played the game and we beat Texas ranked 15th.  We went and watched it with some friends, but missed the end of the game.  Jimmy was pretty fussy; I think it was because he was conflicted on whether he should cheer for Texas or BYU, or maybe because it was three past his bedtime...  Either way, we were excited about the outcome of the game.  Overall, it's been a busy and fun week and we are excited to be in our new apartment!