Monday, January 19, 2015

I love my boys!

Last week, we all cuddled up to watch the Ohio State vs Oregon game.  

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Random pictures from the week

Jimmy wanted chocolate cake for breakfast.  We didn't want to give it to him, but then he said "No, I want that please!"  So we decided to give it to him to say good job for his first complete sentence.
It was "B" week so we filled up a Box with Balls, Books, and Bears and let Jimmy play in it.  It was a Blast!
More tummy time with baby Reed.
The baby chimpanzee gave Jimmy a high five this week at the zoo.
Reed decked out in his BYU shirt.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Tummy Time

He is a boss at tummy time!

The letter 'A'

So the theme of the week was the letter "A."  Jimmy loved this activity, but I'm not sure it was a good idea to endorse drawing on the walls.  Oops! 

We also went to the aquarium and had a good time!

Here is Reed in front of the alligator!  What a cutie!

Birthday Party

We went out to Chuy's for Taylor's birthday! Fun stuff!

Superhero Jammies

I love everything about these pictures!!  Absolutely perfect!   I'm pretty sure that Uncle Jenner just became the cool uncle!

Pwc Christmas Party

Monday, January 5, 2015


No joke, this is how I found him during his nap.  Love it!


T-Swift Dance Party


Balls were definitely the highlight from Christmas. 

We tried to do our own Christmas in Texas right before snack time.  Big mistake!


Grandma and Reed were matching at the Rhodes' Christmas Eve Party!

Piano Playing

The piano was a big hit at Grandma's house.  I'm glad that Jimmy is already getting excited about piano lessons.

BYU Bball Game

The boys did awesome at the game.  Reed even fell asleep during overtime, even with all the screaming.

Jimmy loves Just Dance

We would often find Jimmy going downstairs and grabbing a Wii controller and start dancing!  Cute!


I went to go change Jimmy's diaper and I came back to find Calvin pushing Reed in his swing.  Cute!
Despite what it looks like, they are not hitting each other.  They actually had a good time hanging out together.

Jimmy's obsession with stairball

Jimmy loved Grandma's stairs!  We all had to take turns on catching the ball that he would throw down the stairs. 

Reed is smiley!

Just spit up all over but still smiling!  What a stud!

He is just so cute!!!

Visiting Friends

Jimmy's friend tried to help him down the stairs.  I kept thinking, "Let the blind lead the blind."  They only fell once... don't worry, I caught them.  

White Christmas

Jimmy got to play in the snow for the first time.  He was not impressed... too cold!

Reed's Baby Blessing

I love absolutely everything about this picture!