Sunday, October 18, 2015

Random Pics

One of Jimmy's favorite things to do is pretend he's making me dinner, either pasta or a cake.  So when we went to play at a friend's house, and they had this pretend kitchen, he was pretty excited about it!

All of the little girls dressed up in their princess dresses and Jimmy chose this ensemble. :)

Jimmy can't wait for Halloween.  He had some practice saying Trick or Treat and even got a candy.

Sometimes the library is exhausting.

More fun times at the library after story time.

We love the Kidzu museum.  They have several different themes throughout the place, but I think the favorite is the construction zone where they can play with six different types of blocks.

Jimmy loves building castles with Reed's new blocks from his birthday.

General Conference

Jimmy specifically requested the popcorn when conference started.  Great idea!

Phillip's Farm Corn Maze

We played hooky from school and all went to the corn maze on Friday.  The boys had a blast!  This was our selfie after our ride on the cow train through the corn maze. 
Jimmy was not impressed with the big chair but Reed seemed to like it.

Jimmy loved the tractors, especially the big one.  It was hard to convince him to come down.

My favorite part was the corn maze.  Jimmy spent the whole time repeating, "Mommy, we're lost." 
My favorite picture from the trip!

We spent about two minutes looking at the goats but it was the most memorable part for Jimmy.  He keeps asking to go back and feed the goats.

Jimmy liked being a spider in his spider web.  Eeek!

We took a wagon ride to the pumpkin patch.  Jimmy was really trying hard to lift this pumpkin.

They had two different bounce houses that Jimmy got to enjoy!

Jimmy also loved racing in his car!  Fun stuff!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pullen Park

For Reed's birthday, we went to Pullen Park.  Both boys had a blast!  Jimmy really liked checking the inside of this train compartment.

He got a little tired and decided to take a quick nap in his swing.  :)

Jimmy's favorite part was riding the train around the park.  Both boys loved it!

Reed's favorite part was the carousel.  

Jimmy was very insistent about pushing Reed on the swing.

This is the birthday cake that Jimmy made for Reed.  Notice the candles.  (Em, it reminded me of Lizzy when she used to make cakes all the time.)