Sunday, January 24, 2016

Play Groups

Jimmy loved playing and feeding the chickens! 

They also had a giant mirror for all the kids to paint on.  Pretty awesome idea!

During our snow day, we went and played in the hallway.  I told the boys they could choose one toy to bring and Jimmy chose the umbrella.  It was such a big hit that all the other kids went and got their umbrellas too.  What a trendsetter!

Reed chose to bring snacks, which was super popular with the rest of the kids.  They took turns feeding him.  Reed was pretty much in heaven!

Thursday, January 14, 2016


The boys loved hanging out with his cousins.  They are still talking about when we went to the Science Museum.  They loved it! 

It's a little blurry but Daniel was so proud of his creation.

And my boys loved destroying it.

Jimmy told me not to touch it because this was "Jimmy's computer, not Mommy's computer."

We also attended a puppet show at the art museum during Jimmy's nap time.  Apparently this kid can sleep anywhere.

The boys loved wrestling with Uncle Jeff.


We had a good time hanging out with Jess and her fam' in Baltimore.  One of the highlights was going to the library where they had this awesome play area.   
Both of the boys loved the play grocery store!

Jess and her kids riding the train.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Bunk Bed


Gingerbread Church!   
Christmas tree waffles

Opening stockings

Jimmy refused to put his apple now.  I think the kids were more excited about the fruit in their stockings than the actual presents.  Go figures!

Christmas dinner!  The kids only ate devil eggs. :(