Sunday, March 20, 2016

Jimmy turned 3!

All that Jimmy asked for his birthday was a George cake. I'm pretty proud of it.  

Jimmy really was excited about his George cake... but he was also sick, so this was the biggest smile he would give. 

Playing with his new train set

Jordan Lake

There is a really cool lake about 20 min from our apartment that has beach-like shores.  Jimmy and Reed loved playing in the sand.

They decided to dig a hole


Charleston is a beautiful city!
George Washington memorial

Reed loved all the water

Waterfront Park

South Carolina Aquarium

Reed loved the aquarium!  He's a cutie!!

Jimmy got pretty excited about the sharks

Touching the sting-rays and mini sharks

This was pretty cool.  They had lemurs in here and kids are able to crawl in a little glass box so they can look up close

Captain Reed

Captain Jimmy


Ferry ride in Charleston!

Reed loved the boat ride! 
Jimmy refused to be in the boat selfie 
Jimmy looking very thoughtful

I love this picture except for how Jimmy went all limp-fish on us

Our one and only snow day from forever ago

We had to settle for an iceman instead of a snowman

Friday, March 11, 2016

Life and Science Museum

Butterfly House

Dinosaur Trail

Digging for Fossils

Tornado Party

We had a tornado in Chapel Hill a couple of weeks ago, and this is how we spent it: running the hallways with all the kids in the building.  Good times!