Sunday, July 28, 2013

Toys and CPA Studying

We got a huge box of toys off of Craigslist for $20.  Jimmy is going to be spoiled!
Jimmy is a sharp looking boy in his new church outfit!

It has been a fun and exciting week.  Travis has stayed busy with work and studying for the CPA exam.  He has studied five of the six sections and should be ready to take the exam soon.  

Jimmy is growing up fast and being cute!  He loves to roll around and he is in that stage where he loves to suck on everything.  I made it a goal to find him some toys this week and found a really good deal on craigslist!  He now is spoiled with toys but he just likes to suck on them.  I think I have more fun with them than he does, but I'm sure he'll grow into them.  

I have been staying busy with various projects.  On Wednesday, I got my visiting teaching done.  I went to the temple on Thursday.  Saturday was our most exciting day because I helped set up for a wedding at the church and then I attended the wedding and reception with Jimmy.  Jimmy was a perfect little boy and everyone was very impressed.  Travis stayed home and studied for his CPA exam, but when I got home, we went on our date night to La Paloma, a legit Mexican restaurant where we were the only Gringos.  Then we went shopping at the mall and got Jimmy a new outfit for Angela's wedding coming up.  He looks pretty cute!  It has been a fun week!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Walk Like a Man

Texas Adventures

We had a fun week, even though not too many things happened.  Travis is still working hard despite the fact that they don't have a lot of things for him to do.  He talked to his boss and got permission to start studying for the CPA Exam at work.  His goal is to take the first part before we leave Dallas.  It takes a lot of studying but I'm sure Travis has got it handled.  

I have just been spending my time with Jimmy.  He's starting to move around now, which is pretty exciting.  He can't quite crawl yet but he is very good at rolling over and he likes to roll everywhere!  He's also starting to laugh more, which is one of the cutest sounds we've ever heard.  

On Tuesday, we had some friends over for a Games/Dessert Night.  We really enjoyed this new game called Spot It.  It's a pretty fun game, we recommend it!  On Wednesday night, the missionaries came over for dinner.  They had three baptisms last month and they have several investigators coming to church so it's fun to get involved.  On Friday, Travis went and helped a friend in the ward move a table.  Our date night was at In 'n Out (See Jimmy Moment) and then we played games with some friends and ate bazookies.  It was a fun Saturday night and a great week!  

Jimmy Moment - We went on our weekly date to In 'n Out and our conversation naturally drifted to Jimmy.  We proudly commented on how well-behaved Jimmy was and how he never acts out when we take him out in public.  In mid-conversation, he started making loud noises so Travis decided to take him our of his carseat and hold him.  While he was picking him up, it happened.  POOP!  It was literally all over the car seat, Jimmy, and now Travis.  Travis immediately put him down to which Jimmy then stopped making noise and just smiled.  He thinks he's funny. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Jimmy says hi!

This is Jimmy's sad face... if that doesn't break your heart, then I don't know what will.
This week was pretty much like every other week.  We are just trying to keep busy.  Travis had plenty to do this week at work and even worked some overtime.  I have been working on family history and finding some outings to do with Jimmy.  We went to a grand opening of Yogurtland and got free yogurt and a picture with Tweety.  We also went to 7/11 on 7/11 and got a free slurpee.  I've also been practicing my baking skills and made some homemade bread and homemade tortillas this week.  They looked weird but tasted great!  

On our Friday date night, we went to Yogurtland and then to Barnes and Noble and bought a puzzle.  We had fun looking at games and kids' books.  Our favorite book was Dinosaur vs. the Potty.  We highly recommend it.  On Saturday, we went and played tennis and then Travis went to the temple while I stayed home with Jimmy.  We then had a relaxing day at home working on our new puzzle and getting some odds and ends done.  It was a great week!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Texas Experience

We have had a pretty exciting week and we've enjoyed the long four day weekend. On Monday, we invited some new people in the ward over for dinner.  It's fun to get to know some more people in the ward.  We started our holiday on Wednesday by going to Addison Kaboom Town.  Apparently it is one of the biggest firework shows in America, or so says American Pyrotechnics Association, USA Today, Travel + Leisure and The Wall Street Journal.  Over a half a million people showed up so parking and traffic was pretty crazy.  We ended up parking at a Sonic and ordering some shakes and enjoying the fireworks there.  We had a pretty good time and Jimmy slept through the entire thing.  He is such a good boy!  

On July 4th, we started the day by playing tennis and drove around neighborhoods and looked at more houses in North Dallas.  We spent the rest of the day chillaxing and grilled up some steaks for dinner.  The best part of the meal was the giant bazookie that we ate with Caramel Turtle Cheesecake Blue Bell ice cream.  It was heaven!  Pretty much, we had fun spending the day together.  

On Friday, we went to Forth Worth and had quite the adventure.  We started at Harris Methodist hospital where Travis was born.  We took some pictures and walked around a bit.  Then we headed to the Children's Museum of Science and History and went to their Planetarium show on Our Solar System.  Travis and I learned a lot and I think Jimmy even liked it.  After that, we went to the Stockyards, an old fashioned western town.  We walked around, took pictures, and did some shopping.  We wanted the ultimate Texas experience, so we ended up eating Blue Bell ice cream, drinking Dr. Pepper (both Texas creations), taking a picture of John Wayne paraphenalia, walking next to a Longhorn, riding on a horse, and taking a picture in front of a Texan flag.  Ya'll, we had a party!  Then we went and ate at Olive Garden and drove around Irving to look at more houses.  I know you were expecting us to eat at some Tex-Mex place or something but we had a gift card.  Then we relaxed in the evening by skyping with some Provo friends that just had their baby and then watching Despicable Me.  

Saturday was a relaxing day and we enjoyed getting some errands done at home and on the computer.  On Sunday, we are excited to invite some friends over for dinner. and then going over to another friend's house for a game night.  Life is good!  Ya'll should come and live in Texas.  It's a party!


We went to the Children's Museum of Science and History and attended the Planetarium show.

Jimmy was a big fan!

Born in Texas

While in Fort Worth, we drove by Harris Methodist Hospital, where Travis was born.

That makes Travis a true Texan!


While in For Worth, we went to Stockyards Station, an old Western town. 

Meet Pappy the Fortune Teller

Jimmy also wanted a picture with Ol' Bessy

We also got the classic horse picture, but Jimmy was not impressed.

Yep, that's a real longhorn, but we didn't want to take a picture on top of it.

Ya'll we are lovin' Texas!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Kaboom Town

On July 3rd, we decided to go to Kaboom Town Addison and check out one of the biggest fireworks shows in America, or so says American Pyrotechnics Association, USA Today, Travel + Leisure and The Wall Street Journal.

The traffic and parking was pretty crazy (over a half million people went) so we decided to park in at a Sonic Drive-In and order some shakes!  Yum!

We had a pretty good time...

And Jimmy slept through the whole thing.