Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Zoo and White Rock Lake

While at the zoo, we went on the Monorail Safari.
It was way cooler than we thought it would be.
Jimmy just hanging out on an elephant
On Memorial Day, we took a walk around White Rock Lake.
Beware!  He bites!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

It's a boy!

It's a boy!
It's been a pretty normal week for us.  Travis has been less busy at work, so that's good.  He also volunteered to clean the temple on Wednesday night this week.  I hung out a lot with other moms in the ward this week.  We went to the zoo with a few other moms, we went to the park, I went to a book club, I played tennis with someone in the ward, we had a few friends over for FHE on Monday, and we went out to dinner with another couple in the ward.  Saturday night we had two young women over to our house for dinner for the youth's "Missionary Month."  They are sending the youth to people's houses to talk about their missions.  It was fun!  The biggest news of our week was finding out that our baby is a boy, but hopefully you all knew that already.  Jimmy has been learning how to say more words, and he loves the zoo, and he also never stops eating.  Things are going well in Texas!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day and Anniversary!

It's been another fun week in the Howell home.  Travis continues to work hard and Jimmy and I play hard.  Probably the most exciting part of our week was on Thursday when there was a big tornado scare in Dallas!  The tornado sirens went off everywhere, and we were all urged to find shelter.  Travis's work made everyone get in the stairwells of the building, and Jimmy and I were at a friend's house and we went down to the first story and just tried to stay away from the windows.  Jimmy wasn't very good at that.  But luckily, we are all still alive and the tornado didn't come close to us.  In other news, Jimmy has the whole walking thing figured out.  He also is a big fan of dancing.  At our trip to the library, they had a lady there who dressed up as the characters of Sesame Street.  While she was dancing as the cookie monster to a song, Jimmy walked up right to her and started dancing with her.  It was pretty cute!!  We had the missionaries over on Sunday and that was good to have them.  I also babysat for about 5-6 hours for another mom in the family, and Jimmy enjoyed playing with her little girl.  On Friday, we finally watched Hobbit 2 and enjoyed that.  Saturday was our busiest day.  I went to a baby shower in the morning and then we all went to the zoo.  In the evening, we dropped off Jimmy at a babysitter's and then Travis and I went to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate our anniversary.  Life is good!

Jimmy and I sitting on a turtle at the zoo, in case you can't tell

Daddy took Jimmy into the parakeet cage.  He liked it!

Learning to Walk

A couple weeks ago, Travis tied a cookie to some dental floss and hung it from the fan.  Apparently it was the right motivation to get Jimmy to start walking.  :)