Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Jimmy loves staring at the fish at the zoo.  I think he would just sit there forever if we let him.

Dad likes to take Jimmy to feed the birds at the zoo.  

Jimmy really likes to drive cars lately.  This one was a jeep they have at the zoo.

Jimmy was too scared to pet the goat at the petting zoo, but he liked to look at a safe distance.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Decorating!

Jimmy decided he wanted to wear the Christmas stockings.  After he got them on he started asking for his shoes :)

Reed felt left out so we gave him a stocking too. 

Tummy time under the tree!

Reed is a cutie!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

More happenins

This kid knows how to look cool
We went to the Dallas Museum of Art and played in their kid area.

This is Travis and his friend from France that he met while on his mission.  They were able to meet up in Dallas a few weeks ago.  Pretty cool!

Coloring and crazy hair days

Jimmy decided it would be a good idea to color all over the table with crayons.  As you can see, he was pretty excited about it.  

Even Jimmy has crazy hair days


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Austin Trip

We walked down to the Texas History Museum and took a picture with the star. 
We went to one of the best BBQ places in Texas, Salt Lick's BBQ.
It was some yummy BBQ!
Here is Daddy and Jimmy at the Austin Lake.  The hike was a beast to get there, but the view was worth it!
Here we are the State Capitol.
We tried to go to Franklin's BBQ, but the line was four hours long and there wasn't even a guarantee that we would get meat.  Crazy Texans and their love of meat!
Another picture at the Austin Lake
Here is Daddy and the kids in front of the State Capitol.
We loved the Capitol's ceiling
Jimmy and Reed loved riding in the stroller.
We saw George Bush at the State Capitol.  :)
We also took a walk around the Colorado river.
It was the perfect birthday!