Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's ya'll not y'all...

It has been another great week.  We don't have too many exciting things to report but we are happy and healthy so that should count for something.  Jimmy is still growing and being cute!  He has taken an interest in his toys, which helps me to calm him down if he ever gets fussy. Travis is liking work and staying busy.  I am trying to stay busy by baking bread, doing family history, and other various projects.  On Friday night, we went to Braum's Ice Cream and got a treat for ourselves.  Saturday was our most exciting day.  We took a few outings by driving around Dallas and looking at houses.  We have found a couple of neighborhoods that we would like to live in, so we shall see.  We also went shopping and I finally got a new skirt since I stretched out my other ones from pregnancy.  Woohoo!  Travis also went and helped a friend move into the Village.  Today we gave talks in church and we are just excited to spend the day together.  Life is good and we can't complain!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


And he still has a hand free to suck his thumb!

He still loves to give his big smiles!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Another Week in Dallas

We are still enjoying it here in Dallas!  It's starting to get really humid and uncomfortable, but we stay busy indoors.  Travis had a lot more to do at work this week so he was happy to stay busy.  Another intern came so now he shares a room with two other interns, both from Africa.  He has a good time getting to know them and learning more about South Africa and Kenya. 

I've been trying to stay busy at home and Jimmy does a good job helping me with that.  He's down to just one or two naps a day and sleeps through the night.  He likes to play a lot more these days and it's pretty cute to see him play with his bear aka Bruce (I get bored sometimes so I've named all of his toys...).  He's a cute kid!  I try to stay busy during the week by having one big project every day along with usual stroller rides and cooking dinners.  So Monday is cleaning day, Tuesday is baking day, Wednesday is grocery shopping day, Thursday is library day, and Friday is laundry day.  I try to pick a new thing to bake and this week I tried French bread for the first time.  It turned out better than I thought and we enjoyed  bread for the week.  One Thursday, Jimmy and I went to Story Time and it turned out to be Tea Time for the search for the white rabbit where clues were left around the room.  And with every clue, everyone needed to dance or sing to a song.  It was pretty exciting!  The kids seemed to have a lot of fun with it.  Jimmy has heard most of the songs and usually likes them (I’m a Little Teapot, Baker’s Man, etc) but I don’t think he really cared for Story Time.  I wasn’t too surprised but I thought we should try it out anyway.  When I have extra time when Jimmy is sleeping, I mostly like to read.  I’ve also finished Lord of the Rings and the Hunger Games series.  Lord of the Rings was great and Hunger Games was sort of a letdown.  Oh well…

We went to the temple on Saturday and took shifts to do initiatories and take care of Jimmy.  It's a little tricky but it feels good to go to the temple.  We also went Keller's Hamburgers.  It was recommended from a few different people but the review was always the same, "Kind of sketchy, but tastes really good!"  We have to agree with that.  It was a drive-in hamburger joint and we pulled up to find a bunch of Texans parked in their cars.  It was fun to see corvettes and 1920's cars parked next to ghetto cars.  It was quite the scene but we enjoyed it.  It’s interesting to see the really nice cars here in Dallas.  I don’t know if it’s because I’ve lived in a college town for too long where everyone is in debt and drives a trashy car, but I’m impressed with the fancy cars we see.  Not a day goes past without seeing a corvette or a Camaro or an even fancier car.  It’s fun to live in Dallas and we are definitely loving it!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mommy Group

I was so impressed that we fit all three car seats  back there!  It was a lot of fun going to play at the park.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hey y'all!

Hey y'all! We are really enjoying Texas!  The people here are really nice and we enjoy getting to know new people and try new things.  This week has been great!  We have kept busy with work and spending time with Jimmy.

Travis is enjoying his internship.  He works Monday through Friday from 8 to 5.  He works with nine other people, so the department is pretty small.  He shares a room with another intern from South Africa. He really likes the work he is doing but sometimes there is not anything for him to do.  We are hoping that changes because time definitely goes faster when you're working. 

Jimmy and I are trying to stay busy at home.  Jimmy definitely keeps me busy during the day.  He is a lot more alert during the day and is starting to really enjoy tummy time.  He can keep his head up for long periods of time and he loves to smile at us!  We are pretty lucky to get such a cute kid.  The big achievement lately is that he is sleeping through the nights.  He has almost consistently slept from 8 to 6 every night.  Yep, we've got a perfect kid! 

We have had some fun things to do throughout the week. On Monday our apartment community had a meal for all of the new residents.  We went to the Village Country Club and they had quite the selection of food and it was delicious.  It’s hard to beat Texas BBQ.  Other fun news is that I was assimilated into a Mommy’s group this week with some girls in the ward, and it was a lot of fun.  I went over to one of their houses for a play date on Tuesday and on Thursday we all went to the park with our kids.  I enjoy hearing their advice since they are at a similar stage in life.   We also had the missionaries over this week, and it was fun to have them over!  Travis went and helped them with an appointment afterwards.  They gave us a DVD and told us to give it away, so that is our goal for the next few weeks.  

On Saturday, we went to a ward activity and had breakfast with the ward.  It was good to know some more people.  We also went to a park nearby, White Rock Trail, and drove around it.  It was beautiful!  Then we drove around some neighborhoods to look at the houses.  We are hoping to buy a house in the not-so-distant future so we just want to get an idea of what we want.  Then we spent our date night by going to a convert baptism and dinner.  We have been trying to try out some of the Tex-Mex here in Dallas, and we have not been disappointed.  So far we have been to the Rusty Taco, the Velvet Taco, and Fuzzy’s Taco.  They sound shady, but they are legit.  We have just been getting one thing off the menu each time so we could try it.  Well it’s been a great week; life is good.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Playtime with Jimmy

Jimmy is enjoying playtime more and more everyday!

He looks so cute in his new outfit from Grandma Howell