Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Howell family visit

Reed and grandpa!
We visited the Duke Gardens.  It was beautiful!

The men in front of the business school
We took a trip to "Old Well", the UNC campus icon.
The boys loved reading with Grandma!
We ate ice cream at Maple View Farms.  The boys stole ice cream from everyone and had a good time!
Us in front of Baity Hill, our apartment.
Reed and grandma!
The boys were really sad when everyone left!

Fun stuff

In our Koala Crate this month, we did some car painting! 
We also built our own intersection. 

For our FHE treat, we got Wendy's frostys. 
We went to the splash pad and some of us had a good time.  Reed loved it, but Jimmy not so much. 
Here is how we celebrated 4th of July.  We had a good time setting off fireworks with friends.

We've started a new tradition of going to a new park every Wednesday.  The boys thought this  dinosaur slide last week was pretty cool!
We found a free pool near our house and had a good time going with friends.  Note: Reed won't ever hold my hand when we cross the street but he was more than happy to hold her hand. 

We had a lot of friends move out this summer, but we had one last shebang together.   
We are starting a co-op preschool in the fall and here are all the participants having a good time together. :) 

Dinner with friends!

Life and Science Museum

The boys' favorite outing is going to the Life and Science Museum.  It was especially fun going with Dad!   


When we were in Washington DC a few weeks ago, we had a blast at the Smithsonian. 

We couldn't get Reed to turn around for the picture.  He really liked those rhinos.