Sunday, March 22, 2015

Jimmy's B-Day Party!!

We decked out with Dollar Store decorations!
We gave Reed his first bite of solid food; it was Jimmy's cake.  He was not impressed and spat out the whole thing.
Reed decided he wanted to hang out with Uncle Nate.
This kid is pretty spoiled.  He loved all his presents!

He's so cute!!!

Brotherly Love


Fun at the Perot Museum with Aunt Kat

We had a blast in College Station when we were there.

I found a Bahama Bucks in Colllege Station.  I could definitely live there.

We made Jello for "J" week.  Jimmy was pretty stoked.
We learned about origami at the library.  Shout out to Grandpa Howell!
Tummy time with Aunt Kat is the best.
Fun at the Galleria mall.

Princess B-day party

Jimmy got invited to a princess themed B-day party.  I had him dress up as the fresh prince of Bell Air

Many faces of Reed

This might be one of our favorite pictures ever.

St. Patty's Day Parade

Mom and Jimmy having a good time.
Reed's faces are great.  He was not amused.
Apparently, Dallas hosts the largest St Patrick's day parade in the southwest.  About 100,000 people attend.  The good thing is, it's right outside our door.  The bad thing is, everyone is drunk.

Birthday parties

Uncle Nate's birthday!
Birthday party for the new missionary with bazookies.
Aunt Kat's birthday party!
A Kit-Kat cake for Kat

Arizona Trip

Aunt Allison gave Jimmy his first piano lesson.
Jimmy loved the chickens
Jimmy lookin stylish in his new hat
Ruby and Reed

Reed and Reed!
Happy birthday Dr. Seuss!