Wednesday, November 18, 2015



Kidzu and a Mess

Reed really loved the garden. 
And Jimmy loved working in construction.

And Mom loved cleaning up this mess after the boys dumped all the packing peanuts from my package.
"It's okay, Mom, it happens."

Life and Science Museum

Jimmy and Reed though the cloud was pretty cool! 

Jimmy's favorite part was the rocket.  He was inviting me to come on inside too.

Fire Station

For preschool, we had a tour of the fire station.  Jimmy loved being inside the fire truck and it took FOREVER to convince him to come out.  This is a picture of him telling me that the fire truck was his new house. 
Fire station selfie!

After the tour, we had a birthday party for everyone at preschool.  Fun stuff!

Then, we went and had a good time at the park.  

Good times!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Happy Halloween!

Curious George and his pirates. (Note: I wasn't going to dress up but I wanted $3 chipotle. Last minute dressing up was a success!)

Jimmy really wanted Reed to wear his eye patch, but Reed wouldn't have it.

Jimmy and Reed with his ward friends.  I absolutely love this picture with all the screaming babies. :)

The ward Trunk or Treat.  We decorated our trunk as a drive-in theater.

Reed's Birthday

Travis has all the pictures of Reed's birthday, but I found this gem.  

State Fair

Jimmy loved seeing all the rabbits!

I just wanted a picture of the 1,000 pound pumpkin, but Jimmy was not happy about it.

Play at the Mall


Halloween Cupcakes from Grandma!

For FHE, we threw 'Jonah' in the belly of a whale.  He was pretty excited about it.

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Outer Banks