Sunday, August 18, 2013

Spiders and Hide-and-go-seek

While I was making dinner, Jimmy rolled across the room and under the couch.  It scared me pretty good when I couldn't find him at first.  Jimmy is getting really good at hide-and-go-seek.

I found a really good deal on costumes and couldn't resist trying it on early.  Jimmy is ready for Halloween!

Jimmy has yet another church outfit, but this one has pinstriped pants and a vest with a pocket square.  Cute!

Jimmy loves playing with Daddy!
This week was pretty great!  Wednesday we had the missionaries over, and they gave us a Book of Mormon and a few pamphlets to give out.  Travis had been wanting to give a Book of Mormon to one of his co-workers, so he gave it to him the next day and it went pretty well!  Also, he also has been studying for the CPA but can't take it yet because of some application problems.  It's been a little frustrating but we've almost got it worked out.

I've been staying busy with Jimmy.  Jimmy is being really cute and can sit up by himself for longer now.  He also is pretty cute when he blows a wet raspberry.  He still like going for walks, playing with toys, rolling around everywhere, and going on outings,  On Thursday, we went on a sale with a friend in the ward and found some really cute baby clothes for Jimmy for a great price.  It was a ton of fun!  For our date night, we went to Dickey's BBQ.  Dickey's was started in Dallas, so we went to the original. It was good food.  This week is our last week in Dallas and we should be in Mesa on Saturday.  We'll be sad to leave but we are definitely excited to get back to Utah!  

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Party with the Aunts!

Jimmy and his aunts on their laptops
Temple trip with the sisters!
A blond, a brunette, and two redheads walked into a photo booth...

It has been a fun and exciting week.  The first half of the week was pretty much the same as any other.  Travis has been studying a lot for the CPA exam and he'll be ready pretty soon.  Jimmy is still growing and learning new things.  He is still fascinated by his feet and he is starting to sit up on his own for a little bit!  Some fun things we have done is going over to a friend's house for dinner on Sunday.  I also kept busy with Enrichment night, finishing up visiting teaching, dropping a friend off at the airport, and getting ready for Kristi and Al to come.  We have really enjoyed having Aunt Kristi and Aunt Allison with us.  The highlights have been chatting, going to an outlet mall, eating out at Fuzzy's, playing games like Settlers and Monopoly, going to the temple, and having some of Allison's BYU friends come over for dinner.  Jimmy has felt very spoiled by his aunts and we are sad to see them go tomorrow.