Thursday, September 24, 2015

Baity Hill Park

Have I mentioned that we live right next door to a park.  It is literally right next to our building and the boys absolutely love it!  We go everyday and it is wonderful!

P.S. Reed started standing up on his own today.  So it begins...

Airport Observation Deck

Last week, we went to the Raleigh Airport.  They have a park next to an observation deck where the kids can watch all of the airplanes land and take off.  Jimmy thought it was the coolest thing ever!

Selfie on the observation deck

We went with our preschool group.  (You might notice that Jimmy isn't actually in the picture.  He was being grouchy, so we had Reed sit in for him.)

The airport is about thirty minutes away, so both boys fell asleep on our way there.  I let them sleep for a while and when they woke up, Jimmy was not a happy camper.  It took about an hour until he could actually enjoy the airplanes.  And he refused to take a nap later that day.   So even though it could have been a fun outing, we probably won't do that again. 

Kidzu Museum

We went and got a membership to the Kidzu Museum this week.  Jimmy especially loved it.  The place was pretty big with tons of stuff to do but he was pretty content to just play with the balls the whole time.